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12-21 October 2018
Fern Ost Fest at Dillmann Gymnasium, Stuttgart.


S-One Stuttgart Singapore (“S-One”) organised and produced a new festival called “Fern Ost Fest” – essentially meaning “Far East Festival” – in Stuttgart, at the Dillmann-Gymnasium grounds, from 12 to 21 October 2018.   S-One collaborated with The HEAD Foundation for this Festival, together with the support of Dillmann Foundation, Dillmann-Gymnasium, University of Stuttgart and other parties from notable institutions of learning. The charitable initiative for the Festival showcased a focused variety of the sights, sounds and tastes of Singapore and some of its colourful traditions, art, heritage and influences from its neighbouring countries with a 3-pronged theme : Education, Exposure and Exchange of Ideas.


The various events and performances enjoyed by guests and the public over the 10 day period include:



Special Events at Dillmann-Gymnasium (DG):


14 October 2018 - VIP Night

15 October 2018 - DG Alumni 70 Night

17 October 2018 - Musical Concert

17 October 2018 - Pioneer Group Night (Pavilion)

18 October 2018 - DG Verein Night (Pavilion)

19 October 2018 - Pioneer Group Night (Pavilion)

20 October 2018 - Closing Dinner

15-18 October 2018 - Lunch served to DG students (Pavilion)

12-21 October 2018 - Lasalle Art Exhibition (Aula Mezzanine)

15-19 October 2018 - Workshops and classes for DG students



Special Events at University of Stuttgart (UOS):


11-17 October 2018 - Lasalle Art Exhibition (UOS City Campus)

17 October 2018 - Lecture by Prof. Cheung Chan Fai (UOS Vaihingen Campus)

18 October 2018 - Dialogue session by Prof. Cheung Chan Fai and Prof. Gerhold Becker (UOS City Campus)





  1. Singapore Symphony Orchestra

  2. Singapore Chinese Orchestra

  3. Songshan Temple Wusengwenwu Shaolin School and Yong Di

  4. Sumatra Conservatoire

  5. Musicians and artisans curated by Shantou University

  6. Chaozhou Opera troupe from Singapore

  7. Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts alumni

  8. Lasalle College of Fine Arts

  9. Master Yuen, Shaolin martial arts school in Schondorf



S-One is now actively planning a bigger and better Festival for 2019.

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