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We initiate and foster collaboration between top educational institutions from Stuttgart and Singapore.

The Duke Eberhard of Württemberg founded institutions of higher learning in the region of Stuttgart during the 15th Century. Ever since, Stuttgart and its surrounding region is home to institutions of education, research and development. Stuttgart is known for its ‘Erfindergeist’ (the spirit for new inventions).

We have organised memoranda of understanding between Dillman Gymnasium in Stuttgart and Raffles Institution in Singapore, as well as Stuttgart University and Nanyang Technological University.  Nanyang Technological University has made big strides in world university rankings. It is now placed No. 39 in the world and is the fastest-rising Asian university in the Top 50. Younger students from Dillmann Gymnasium and Raffles Institution likewise have enjoyed a continuing student exchange programme. 

We have also organized, in collaboration with Esplanade, a ballet masterclass in Singapore by Stuttgart Ballet for a selected group of students from the School Of The Arts and Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in both 2014 and 2017.


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